Celtic Tree of Life – Meaning and History

Celtic Tree of Life – Meaning and History

The tree of life symbol appears in nearly all forms of history and religion. The Celtic tree of life, which is known as ‘Crann Bethadh’ in Irish, is one of the most popular Celtic symbols, and is a very important part of Celtic heritage. The Ancient Celts saw the Tree of Life as a representation of balance and harmony in nature. To the Celts, it symbolizes strength, a long life, and wisdom. The Celtic tree of life was believed to possess special magical powers.

The tree of life also symbolizes rebirth, as it loses its leaves during the Fall season, then hibernates through the Winter, and is reborn again in Spring. The Celts strongly believed that the Tree of Life was a representation of the three stages of life: birth, death and rebirth in a new life. It symbolizes the forces of nature uniting in perfect harmony to preserve balance in the universe.

The Celts believed in the connection between nature and the life beyond, and they are thought to have believed that trees held the spirits of their ancestors. Trees were a connection to the spiritual world and the ancestors, and doorways into other worlds. The Celts held the Oak tree as the most sacred of all trees. It represented the center of the world, or the ‘axis mundi’. They believed the towering strength and longevity of the oak tree (oaks can live for over 300 years) was a symbol of endurance and nobility.

Trees were an integral part of Celtic beliefs and culture, with the Celtic Tree of Life holding significant importance. Celtic people honored the Tree of Life by leaving one solitary big tree (Crann Bethadh) in the center of their land. They would hold assemblies and ceremonies underneath the branches of this tree. It also provided shelter and acted as a home for wildlife.

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