What is an Irish Claddagh Brooch?

What is an Irish Claddagh Brooch

Brooches are deeply rooted in Irish history. They are a big part of Irish heritage and the history of the Irish people. They have been around for centuries, which is a testament to their appeal and popularity. The intricate design of Irish Brooches is what separates them from regular brooches.

The Claddagh brooch is a traditional and iconic Irish brooch which represents love, friendship and loyalty. The heart represents love, while the clasped hands mean friendship, and the crown symbolizes loyalty.

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How should you wear an Irish Brooch?

A traditional Irish Claddagh brooch can be worn however you like. The main thing to note is that the pin points upwards. This stems from an old Irish law that meant the wearer is not at fault of a pin injury if theirs is pointing up. It doesn’t exist anymore, but everyone in Ireland still points the pin up!

Aside from this, there are no rules to worry about. The way you wear your Irish Brooch is up to you. We find they are a perfect and stylish way to complement your outfit.

How to clean a brooch?

All of our brooches can be cleaned using warm, soapy water. Don’t use anything else as you can damage the precious metals and stones. Never scrub too hard, either! You can also give it a wipe with a soft cloth before you put it away.

Where to buy a traditional Irish brooch?

We sell lots of brooches in our online store. They are all authentic and made directly in Ireland. We have so many fantastic options available, so take a look around and order yours today!

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