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Irish Claddagh Bracelets and Bangles

Handcrafted Sterling Silver Claddagh Bracelets from Ireland

We are delighted to offer a handcrafted, hallmarked sterling silver Claddagh Bracelet from Ireland.  This delightful bangle showcases two Claddagh emblems embellished with shimmering white crystals.  

Accessorizing with a Claddagh Bracelet is an excellent way to make any outfit unique, show off your individual taste, and celebrate your Irish roots.  

Celebrate the Irish Sentiments of Love, Loyalty, and Friendship with a Claddagh Bracelet

This Irish bracelet is the perfect blend of elegance and tradition.  For those of Irish ancestry, or just in love with the Irish culture and charm, there is no symbol more iconic than the Claddagh.  It is one of the most famous jewelry designs from Ireland.  The Claddagh features a central heart, an ornate crown, and two delicate hands, symbolizing love, loyalty, and friendship.  

A handcrafted Claddagh Bracelet from Ireland makes a thoughtful and unique gift for a friend, family member, or someone special.