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Celtic Knot Earrings

Earrings have always been important in Celtic culture. The Celtic culture and tradition is rich with symbols and you can express a love for this culture or even your own heritage by making use of Celtic earrings and other jewelry. Originating from the county of Galway in the West of Ireland, Celtic earrings are a very popular and beautiful choice of jewelry. The Celtic knot design has featured regularly in Celtic jewelry over the years. Celtic earrings, whether they be stud earrings or drop, are easy to spot amongst other earrings because they usually have signature colors, gemstones, and Celtic designs like the knot.

We have a wide and varied range of Celtic jewelry and our Celtic earrings are among some of the most popular items we stock. You’ll find Celtic symbols you might already recognize, as well as beautiful designs that are new to you.

Yellow Gold Emerald & Diamond Celtic Drop Earrings

Yellow Gold Emerald & Diamond Celtic Drop Earrings