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Irish Harp Jewelry

Handcrafted Silver Jewelry Displaying Ireland's National Emblem, the Harp

Stylish and elegant Silver Earrings and Necklaces featuring the Irish Harp, Ireland's national emblem. Each piece is carefully crafted from hallmarked sterling silver and inlaid with genuine Connemara marble.

A true Irish delight!

Irish Harp Jewelry Adorned with Eye-catching Connemara Marble

These timeless Irish Earrings and Necklaces showcase a delicately crafted Irish Harp, one of the oldest and most magical instruments. The striking Connemara marble complements the Harp design beautifully. This rare and attractive green marble is found exclusively in the west of Ireland, adding an extra special touch to this stunning jewelry range.

Our charming range of Harp jewelry makes an ideal gift from Ireland for anyone with a love of Irish music and culture.