7 Ways to say 'I Love You' in Irish

Written by Linda Rafferty on 31/05/2024

7 ways to say 'I Love You' in Irish

The Irish Language, also known as Gaelic, is beautiful, poetic, and unique. Expressions of love and affection are found in many of Irelands' traditional Irish songs and ballads. Learning how to say 'I Love You' in Irish will surely impress your sweetheart, especially if they have Irish roots or a love of the Emerald Isle!

There are many charming and unique ways to express your love in Irish. Translating word by word may result in a different meaning than what you intend. It is much more impressive and easier to learn a few simple Irish phrases.

The Irish Pronounciation

Below are seven of our favorite heartfelt Irish (or Gaelic) terms of endearment to sweep your partner off their feet! We also include the English translation of each phrase and its pronunciation, so you can learn to say it like a pro!

Mo Chuisle mo Chroí.

(Pronounced Moh cooish-lah moh kree). One for the real lovebirds, this stunning Irish phrase literally means 'my pulse, my heart.' More poetically, it means the beat or the love of my heart.

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Is tú mo Ghrá.

(Pronounced Iss too moh graw). This short expression translates to 'You are my love.' Grá is the Irish word for love.

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Tá mo chroí istigh ionat.

(Pronounced Taw moh kree iss-chig un-it). This romantic endearment means 'My heart is in you.' Croí means heart in Irish.

Duration: 0:11

Tá mé i ngrá leat.

(Pronounced Taw may ee n-graw lat). This simply means 'I am in love with you.'

Duration: 0:10

Grá go Deo.

(Pronounced Graw gu djo). Meaning 'Love Forever' or 'Forever Love,' this unique phrase highlights eternity, a key concept in Celtic culture.

Duration: 0:07

Is tú mo Chuisle.

(Pronounced Is too moh cooish-lah). This charming expression means 'you are my pulse' or 'you are my darling.'

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Mo Anam Cara.

(Pronounced Moh an-um cair-ah). A simple but powerful term of endearment, meaning 'my soulmate.' This expression comes from the ancient Celtic belief that two souls can be connected spiritually to form a powerful union.

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Why not try out one of these romantic phrases this Valentine's day to delight and impress your loved one.

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