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Emerald Claddagh Rings

Emerald Claddagh rings from the heart of Galway symbolize, eternal love, loyalty and friendship.

Using stunning green gemstones and precious metals, these claddagh rings are easily the most recognizable symbols of Irish heritage both here in Ireland and around the world. The Emerald is known as the Irish gem of life, love and friendship.

Fall in love with your Claddagh Ring.

Due to the deep eternal meaning and symbolism associated with the Claddagh Ring, there are many styles and varieties of Irish Claddagh rings available. An Emerald is a durable gemstone, making it a great choice when it comes to Irish birthstone claddagh ring. Our rings featuring these birthstones are very versatile rings. They are ideal as a ladies promise ring, an Irish engagement ring or a wedding ring. These Irish rings can even be gifted as a friendship ring or a precious family Claddagh heirloom. The green gemstone is the May birthstone, so can make a beautiful gold Birthstone Claddagh ring.

High Quality Emeralds used in all our Claddagh Rings.

At Irish Jewelry Craft, all our Claddagh Rings are expertly handcrafted in Ireland, and hallmarked at the Assay Office in Dublin, which guarantees that each ring is authentic and of high quality. The precious green emerald can be set in the gold Claddagh design as a heart-shaped gem, or as a split-heart design. A three-stone ring or heart-shaped emerald ring encrusted with diamonds, in 14 Karat yellow or white gold, makes an ideal ladies engagement ring or wedding band. We can engrave your Jewelry, to add a personal touch to your ring, and we offer Free shipping for all our Jewelry. View details of our full range of luxury Claddagh Jewelry on our website.

White or yellow gold Claddagh rings adorned with glittering green Emeralds are stylish and beautiful rings that pay homage to Irish culture as you wear them. The epitome of Irish Jewelry, there is no better way to celebrate your Irish roots than by wearing a sparkling gold heart Claddagh ring with pride.

What is a promise ring?

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