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Gold Celtic Rings

Gold Rings Featuring Traditional Celtic Design - Symbolizes Eternity

A handcrafted Gold Celtic Ring is an intricately detailed feat of metalwork, rich in Celtic heritage and symbolism. Suitable for both ladies and gents, the Celtic design, which is made up of a gold interlace of knots with no beginning and no end, is widely recognised as a symbol of eternity and infinity. With this romantic symbolism, a Gold Celtic Knot Ring from Ireland can make a perfect engagement ring, wedding ring or promise ring.

Gold Rings Featuring Classic Celtic Knotwork

There is a wide range of Celtic knot ring styles available, making them a very versatile piece of jewelry. The most iconic Celtic design is that of the Trinity Knot (also known as the Triquetra), but there are many other beautiful spiral Celtic Knot designs to choose from. These rings can be intertwined with a sparkling diamond or precious stone. Adorned with a birthstone (e.g. Emerald - May, Sapphire - September), Celtic rings make exquisite gold birthstone rings.

High Quality 14K Gold Celtic Rings Adorned with Stunning Diamonds and Gemstones

A Celtic ring handcrafted from high quality gold is made to last a lifetime, and is sure to stand the test of time. The traditional option for an engagement ring or wedding band, yellow gold is both classic and timeless. Yellow gold is one of the most popular precious metals of all, with its distinct warm glow. At Irish Jewelry Craft, our talented goldsmiths craft our Celtic rings from quality 14k Yellow Gold and 18k Yellow Gold, and have used the finest craftsmanship for a stunning end product. All our handmade rings are hallmarked in the Assay office in Dublin Castle, to guarantee that the ring is authentic and the gold is of the highest quality.

In addition to our one-of-a-kind Celtic rings, we also have stunning yellow gold Celtic ring sets, which feature a ladies Celtic engagement ring adorned with a solitaire diamond, and a matching wedding ring. We offer free shipping for all our gold Celtic Jewelry. Browse our full range of authentic handcrafted Celtic Rings on our website today, to find the perfect ring for yourself or a loved one!