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Ruby Claddagh Rings

Traditional Claddagh Ring featuring Ruby Heart - Symbol of Love and Romance

A handcrafted ring truly captures the essence of Irish heritage and tradition. The iconic Claddagh design depicts two hands clasping a heart, topped with a crown, representing love, loyalty and friendship. Traditionally, the red stone or birthstone, has been known to represent nobility, purity, passion, energy and motivation. From Ireland adorned with a stunning red heart shape is the ideal embodiment of love and jewelry gift.

A Luxury Created By Our Jewelers

Authentic Irish Claddagh rings adorned with deep red heart shape stones make luxurious ladies Claddagh engagement rings and wedding rings. These Claddagh rings can also be worn as a promise ring, for friendship, or family heirloom, signifying faithfulness and sincerity. The Ruby stone is the birthstone for July.

Stunning Heart-shaped Authentic Irish Ruby Claddagh Ring

At Irish Jewelry Craft, all our pieces are handcrafted to perfection by our talented jewelry goldsmiths, and hallmarked in Dublin, Ireland. Crafted to symbolize love and romance. Our Ruby Claddagh rings are available in 14k white gold, 10k white gold or yellow gold, and the Rubies used are of the highest quality.

Our split heart Ruby Claddagh Ring is a beautiful ladies’ ring that looks delightful on the finger. Our Ruby and Diamond Claddagh band makes a beautiful wedding band. The diamond-studded detailing in these Irish rings creates a luxurious finish to the Claddagh ring. In addition to these one-of-a-kind pieces, we also offer Claddagh ring sets, including matching ladies engagement and wedding rings.

Buying an Irish-themed ring is a beautiful investment, and can offer a sense of unity, loyalty and connection between two people. This style of birthstone ring is a stunning, elegant piece of jewelry, and with our unique range of both delicate and statement pieces, you are sure to find a design to match your personal style.

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