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Celtic Rings

Authentic Celtic Rings featuring Intricate Celtic Knotwork

Celtic rings from Ireland showcase traditional celtic designs and styles, and are steeped in celtic heritage. A Celtic band or ring features an intricate celtic pattern of continuous, unending knots, which represents infinity and everlasting love. These ornate designs create beautiful knot rings for ladies and gents, filled with celtic tradition. Modern interpretations may also include diamonds and other gemstones such as Emeralds. This combines the traditional celtic knot design with the luxury of a diamond or other precious stone.

There are many different styles of rings featuring Celtic designs available for both ladies and gents. The Trinity Knot ring is one of the most iconic Celtic Knot rings. Also known as the Triquetra, the Trinity Knot design is possibly the most famous Celtic knot. It represents the Holy Trinity, and also symbolizes eternity, love and infinity. There are many other delicate spiral celtic knot patterns, and each design is symbolic of a particular meaning. There is often a story attached to each Celtic knot design. Choosing a gold ring featuring Celtic knotwork is a lovely way to carry some of that Celtic symbolism with you.

High Quality Gold Celtic Rings from Ireland - a Symbol of Everlasting Love

At Irish Jewelry Craft, we offer the most beautiful and traditional gold Celtic bands and rings, with a variety of ornate Celtic knot designs and interlaces. Our talented goldsmiths craft these knot rings from 14k gold using fine craftsmanship. All our authentic rings are inspired by Irish roots, and handmade in Dublin, Ireland. We are proud to offer a wide range of high quality 14k yellow gold and white gold Celtic rings and bands. In addition to these gold bands featuring Celtic designs, we have a collection of luxurious diamond celtic knot rings, as well as knot rings featuring other precious gemstones. Why not incorporate your birthstone or a glittering Emerald into the knotwork of your gold ring?

Our collection of Celtic rings, made from yellow gold and white gold, includes rings for both women and men. We provide free shipping for all our jewelry, and our celtic jewelry is tested and Hallmarked at the Assay office in Dublin Castle. This guarantees that our jewelry is authentic and of high quality.

Exquisite Celtic Knot Rings for all Occasions

Celtic rings are perfect for all occasions. The intricate knotwork of traditional Celtic knot rings is commonly interpreted to mean eternal love, making these rings a popular choice for ladies celtic engagement rings and wedding rings. These knot rings can also be worn as a promise ring or birthstone ring. Many people choose to wear them simply because they love the delicate twists and turns of the Celtic design. This style of Celtic knot ring is available with or without diamonds and other precious stones, so there is a style to suit everyone.

Celtic influence remains very strong in Jewelry from Ireland today. At Irish Jewelry Craft, our unique range of Celtic knot rings celebrate ancient beliefs and traditions, as well as adding a modern twist. Browse our exquisite collection of Celtic rings on our website, to find the perfect ring!