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Claddagh Engagement Rings

Traditional Irish Claddagh Engagement Rings are Symbols of Love, Loyalty and Friendship

Claddagh rings, or 'fáinne Chladaigh' in Irish, are traditional Irish rings representing love, loyalty, and friendship, making them a perfect choice for an engagement ring from Ireland. The Claddagh symbol originated in the Irish fishing village of Claddagh in County Galway, in the 17th century, and has grown to become an iconic part of Irish heritage. The epitome of Irish Jewelry, there is no better way to celebrate your engagement than by wearing an eye-catching Claddagh ring from Ireland.

Iconic Irish Claddagh Design Handcrafted in Ireland

With all of the romantic symbolism and traditions behind this iconic piece of Jewelry, the Irish Claddagh really is the perfect engagement ring or wedding ring. It is essential to buy your ring from a trusted retailer that sells genuine Irish Claddagh rings. Here at Irish Jewelry Craft, we stock a stunning collection of authentic gold ladies Irish engagement rings. These exquisite gold Claddagh rings adorned with diamonds and gemstones are hand-crafted here in Dublin, Ireland, and we provide free shipping for all our rings.

Claddagh Engagement Ring and wedding ring sets

At Irish Jewelry Craft, all our Claddagh rings are beautifully handcrafted from high quality 14 Karat yellow and white gold. Traditionally, the diamond ring has been associated with engagements and proposals. However, diamond Claddagh rings are not the only option available. In addition to our unique range of ladies Claddagh engagement rings, we also stock a variety of Claddagh engagement ring sets, with both the engagement and wedding band included. When choosing your Irish engagement ring, bear in mind the wedding ring you wish to choose and whether it will match your engagement ring when the two are worn together. View details of our unique collection of ring sets on our website.

Ladies Claddagh rings can symbolize different messages depending on how they are worn. Wearing your Claddagh ring on your ring finger of your left hand with the heart facing outwards conveys that you are engaged.

Selecting the right Claddagh engagement ring as a gift for your soul-mate can be daunting, but our talented jewellers are here to help! From white gold Claddagh rings with a center diamond solitaire to gold Claddagh rings with a heart-shaped gemstone, we have a Claddagh that reflects your individual personality.

You can view details of our full collection of luxury ladies Claddagh engagement rings and birthstone claddagh rings on our website. Alternatively, to speak with one of our experienced jewelers, you can contact us by filling out our online form or by calling us on 1800 619 2627 Ireland Time :-)