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Celtic Engagement Rings

Exquisite Celtic Engagement Rings - A Symbol of Infinity and Everlasting Love

Searching for the perfect Engagement Ring? A Celtic Engagement Ring is timeless, historical, and uniquely beautiful. The engagement ring is the ultimate symbol of love, which is traditionally placed by the groom on the finger of his bride-to-be. Choosing a Celtic Engagement Ring is a romantic way to symbolize Celtic heritage from the Emerald Isle. Every ring featuring Celtic symbols has a particular meaning. The celtic knotwork and patterns in the ring represent infinity, eternity and everlasting love, making them a perfect choice for a ladies engagement ring. This style of ring combines luxurious gemstones with a stunning and dainty Celtic design.

Striking Diamond Engagement Rings Featuring Intricate Celtic Designs

At Irish Jewelry Craft, we specialize in Celtic jewelry, which is steeped in Celtic symbolism and tradition. Our stunning Celtic Engagement Rings are handmade in Ireland by our talented goldsmiths. We have mastered metal and gemstone work for over 70 years in the Jewelry industry, providing our customers with the very best rings. We have a wide variety of rings featuring Celtic designs to suit all tastes and preferences, and we work with a number of precious stones such as Diamonds and Emeralds. A Celtic Knot Engagement Ring can feature diamonds as well as other gemstones and birthstones, making a beautiful alternative to a more traditional solitaire-stone ring. An Emerald or Diamond Celtic Knot design is both unique and striking. With our Celtic designs, you can add a sense of cultural significance to your Diamond Engagement Ring, making it even more special.

Bespoke Celtic Engagement Rings Handcrafted from High Quality Gold

We proudly offer the most beautiful and traditional Celtic Rings, using certified stones and fine crafts to help create an engagement ring like no other. All of our methods and materials are inspired by our Irish heritage and culture. Our gold rings are hallmarked in the Dublin Assay Office at Dublin Castle, to ensure the quality of our rings. We also have a selection of Diamond Celtic Ring Sets available, featuring a matching gold ladies engagement ring and wedding band.

Choose from 14k white gold and yellow gold ring options. Set your one-of-a-kind engagement ring with a diamond, sapphire, ruby or emerald - the choices are endless. Our clients can choose from our stunning range of handcrafted Celtic Knot Rings available in our catalogue. Alternatively, we have bespoke diamond rings that are entirely custom-made to your needs. With various Celtic band ring styles available in white gold and yellow gold, you will find a Celtic-inspired engagement ring that is sure to impress. Choose the design, metal, and precious stone to be used in your soul mates' engagement ring, and we will do the rest. We provide free shipping for all our jewelry, and if you need any help, we are always here to provide expert advice. Rest assured that your ring will be created using fine craftsmanship and precise attention-to-detail, to ensure it is a true masterpiece for your engagement.