About Gaelic Jewelry

Written by Linda Rafferty on 27/06/2024

About Gaelic Jewelry

Gaelic Jewelry is massively popular throughout the world. Celtic Jewelry designs incorporate both the distinct trends of designs seen in both Scottish and Irish tradition, but Gaelic Jewelry tends to lean more towards the Irish side in particular. From rings to earrings to pendants and beyond, there are all kinds of Gaelic jewelry.

Gaelic jewelry is loved for a range of reasons, including a deep love of the symbolism involved, the distinct knotwork used, and because of its deep ties to the island of Ireland. Here, we are going to look at the wide range of handcrafted Gaelic jewelry available on our online shop, some of the meanings behind the most commonly seen designs, and how we ensure the finest pieces, mixing traditional design with modern quality.

Our extensive collection of handcrafted Gaelic Celtic Jewelry

About Gaelic Jewelry

We have a stunning collection of Gaelic Celtic Jewelry available, with a wide range of designs, incorporating different metals and gorgeous gemstones. Whether you want to buy a gift, engagement ring, wedding rings, or simply something for yourself, here are examples of the collections we have on offer:

Earrings including shamrock stud earrings, Celtic drop earrings, and more, made from white and yellow gold, incorporating diamonds and emeralds.

Rings for every occasion, including engagement and wedding rings. Some of the most popular designs include our huge range of gold Claddagh rings, as well as rings depicting Irish knotworks, such as Trinity Knots and Celtic Knots.

Brooch designs, including the world-famous Trinity Knots, Claddagh's, and pieces emulating the world-famous Tara Brooch.

Necklaces and Pendants of all types, such as Claddagh's, Irish Crosses, Celtic Tree of Life, Horseshoes and Shamrocks.

Most popular hand-crafted Gaelic Jewelry designs

About Gaelic Jewelry

Trinity Knot: Also known as the Triquetra, this looping design of handmade knotwork forms a triangle and is thought to have a particular spiritual value. It is considered both a symbol of the Holy Trinity in Christianity, as well as the Neo-Pagan Goddess of Maiden, Mother, and Crone. Celtic Knot: While Trinity Knots are a form of Celtic Knot design, this actually incorporates a much greater range of knotwork, including the looping Celtic knot commonly featured in Irish rings and earrings.

Ogham: Ogham is the name of the early Medieval alphabet that was used to depict the spoken early Irish languages. It commonly features in Gaelic traditional jewelry.

Anam: This is a type of circular necklace and bracelet pendant associated with Ireland that can include designs of all kinds, including crosses, Claddagh's, and more.

Connemara Marble: Connemara Marble is a distinct and beautiful green stone that is typically used to replace gems in bezels, as well as a material in Irish brooches and necklace pendants. Pewter is often used in similar designs.

Claddagh Ring: The most popular of all Irish rings, the Claddagh Ring depicts two hands (representing friendship) holding a heart (love) bearing a crown (loyalty.)

Triskelion: The Triskelion is an ancient Celtic jewelry motif that includes three spirals spinning out from a central point, thought to signify cycles of energy and revolution. A very popular choice in necklaces.

Shamrock: Widely associated with the “luck of the Irish”, Shamrock designs also harken back to the teaching tool used by St. Patrick in early Irish Christianity. Very popular in earrings.

Tree of Life: A Celtic tree often seen in pendants, symbolizing immortality and good health.

Most Popular Materials for Our Gaelic Jewelry

About Gaelic Jewelry

Aside from the designs that make Gaelic jewelry unique, we also offer pieces that come in a variety of materials. Each has their own practical uses as well as symbolism that makes them particularly popular as gifts. For instance, some of the more popular metals in our handmade works include:

Yellow gold: Yellow gold is one of the most popular precious metals of all, with its distinct warm glow. Most of our pieces are made from yellow gold.

White gold: White gold is a more modern alloy that has gained popularity over yellow gold for a time, while having a visual similarity with silver.

Rose gold: Rose gold contains just as much pure gold as yellow gold, but also incorporates more copper, lending it a pinkish hue that is particularly popular in jewelry designed to be romantic in nature.

Platinum: Platinum might be the most expensive jewelry metal available, but it is also one of the most durable and resistant, making it a popular choice for designs that are to last a lifetime. Visually, it is similar to silver.

Many of our designs also incorporate all range of gemstone options, whether you want a piece that incorporates birthstones relevant to the person wearing them, or diamonds that are most typically associated with engagement rings and wedding bands. To get a better idea of what kinds of jewelry products we offer, be sure to check out the various categories on our website.

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