10 Ways To Incorporate Emerald In Your Jewelry Collection

Written by Linda Rafferty on 31/05/2024

10 Ways To Incorporate Emerald In Your Jewelry Collection

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We all know that jewelry is the ideal way to top off any look, which is why we have to have a versatile collection. That includes gold, platinum, silver, and precious gems like rubies, sapphires, and especially emeralds. Emerald symbolism encompasses not only royalty but also wit, eloquence, and foresight. Emerald jewelry has been a big player in the history of jewels, dating back to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Its cool shade of green is soothing to the eyes and during ancient times, it was thought to be restful to eyes under strain. Beyond simply being pretty, emeralds also encourage growth, reflection, peace, and balance. The precious gem represents healing and fertility. Gemstone jewelry is considered good for those who suffer from depression or other mental or emotional disorders. This cool-toned green stone is the traditional birthstone for May but is also associated with the Cancer zodiac sign. Bringing light to the history and benefits of this precious stone, we’ve put together a list of 10 exquisite jewelry items made purely with gold, diamonds, and emeralds that will take your breath away. Take your pick for how you want to incorporate emeralds in your jewelry collection.

#1 White Gold Emerald & Diamond Shamrock In Circle Pendant:

First on our list is this precious clover-shaped emerald that will keep you lucky while being surrounded by brilliant-cut diamonds and set in a 14 karats pure white gold pendant. This gorgeous pendant comes with a pure 14k white gold chain. It’s the best option for the classy woman that’s looking for her lucky charm.

#2 Yellow Gold Emerald & Diamond On Horseshoe Necklace:

Another gorgeous emerald finds from the Irish Jewelry Craft website is this horseshoe necklace. This unique necklace is made with 14k yellow gold with beautifully detailed, brilliant-cut diamonds affixed and the precious emerald is showcased in the center. If you’re a country girl missing her roots, there’s no better way to treat yourself than with this emerald masterpiece.

#3 White Gold Heart Emerald & Diamond Claddagh Necklace:

Next on our list is this classy diamond necklace made with 14 karats of pure white gold. In the middle is adorned a timeless emerald heart which is crowned with tiny detailed, brilliant-cut diamonds, giving the necklace a royal and feminine appeal. It comes with an 18k pure white gold chain and is an ideal pick for those that prefer a traditional and classic design in their jewelry.

#4 Yellow Gold Emerald & Diamond Shamrock Key Pendant:

Last on the topic of necklaces is this key-shaped pendant to be your go-to bling. It is made with 14 karats pure yellow gold with brilliant-cut diamonds beautifully set throughout and in the middle is a small detailed emerald which increases the charm of the pendant. It comes with a 14k yellow gold chain and you can also find this set in white gold if you prefer.

#5Yellow and White Gold Diamond & Emerald Celtic Knot Ring:

Moving on from pendants, this Celtic knot ring is one of the most classically unique pieces on the website. It is made with 14 karats pure yellow and white gold with a brilliant-cut diamond in the center and two beautiful green emeralds affixed on each side. The yellow gold complements the cool toned emeralds and the diamond sparkles beautifully in the center. This ring is the perfect pick for someone looking for a traditional yet voguish design for everyday wear.

#6 White Gold Heart-shape Emerald & Diamond Claddagh Ring:

Another undoubtedly beautiful find from the website is this Claddagh ring. It is made with 14 karats pure white gold with a precious green emerald heart set in the center and little detailed, brilliant-cut diamonds on each side and crowned above. If you’re looking for a regal way to show off your bling and emeralds, this ring is the masterpiece of your dreams.

#7 Yellow Gold Heart-shape Emerald & Diamond Claddagh Ring:

You can never go wrong with an elegant one-stone ring, which is why this emerald statement piece is a must-have. It is made with 14 karats pure yellow gold with a single, heart-shaped emerald showcased in the center. The heart is detailed with a crown above and hands on each side, ideal for someone who likes to make a statement with their jewelry.

#8 Yellow Gold Emerald & Diamond Shamrock Earrings:

Next on our list is a pair of classy earrings with a unique shape that catches eyes wherever you go. It is made in 10 karats pure yellow gold with brilliant-cut diamonds on every inch and precious emeralds at the drop. The unique drop shape of these earrings makes them ideal for the feminine, classy, and traditional woman. If you’re looking for a breathtakingly sophisticated statement for a formal event, this pair is the one.

#9 Yellow Gold Emerald & Diamond Stamped Tara Brooch:

If you’re looking for something to top off any outfit with the perfect finish of elegance and sophistication, there’s nothing better than a classy brooch, and this gold brooch from Irish Jewelry Craft is the perfect candidate. It is made with 14 karat pure yellow gold and detailed brilliant-cut diamonds with two emeralds as statement pieces.

#10 White Gold Emerald Trinity Knot Celtic Brooch:

Last but not least, this delicate brooch is the ideal way to give your attire a soft touch of class. This trinity knot made is from 14 karats pure white gold with three precious round cut detailed emeralds affixed.

Now that you know exactly which emerald jewelry has your heart, you can head on over to Irish Jewelry Craft to start shopping.The jewelry by Irish Jewelry Craft is made authentically in Ireland and they have over 600 handcrafted items with the best quality diamonds, golds, and gemstones. They also provide a service for you to choose your ring size accurately and to see your desired items thoroughly through a video call appointment for customer satisfaction. You can count on their delivery service to be free and secure and they also provide a 1-year warranty.

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