Father’s Day in Ireland

Written by Ryan Grace on 27/06/2022

Father’s Day is traditionally celebrated in Ireland on the third Sunday of June and was celebrated on June 19th in 2022. While this day is not an official public holiday, it is widely celebrated on the Emerald Isle.

On this day, people across the country honour and thank the paternal figures in their lives. Father’s Day is a time where people honour all relatives who have played a parental role in their lives, including uncles and grandparents who have assumed parental roles.

A staple of the Irish calendar, this article will look at the history of the day, gifts presented to fathers young and old and typical events organised to mark the occasion.

The History of Father’s Day

The celebration of Father’s Day is often attributed to an American woman named Sonora Dodd. Raised by her widower father, she felt he should be honoured in the same way that mothers are on Mothering Sunday. Dodd organised the first ever Father’s Day celebration in 1910. However, it wasn’t until 55 years later that the day was officially recognised in the USA.

In 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson declared that Father’s Day would henceforth be celebrated on the third Sunday in June. 6 years later, President Richard Nixon signed the day into legislation, and it became official. Father’s Day was originally linked to Christianity, with the paternal relationship between Jesus and his guardian Joseph being honoured on this day. Nowadays, this link is still explored in church services, but it is also seen as a commercial holiday.

Ireland follows the American date of the third Sunday in June along with the UK and Canada. This is the most common date for Father’s Day celebrations, with France, Greece, South Africa, China, the Netherlands, and many others marking the day on this date.

Popular Gifts on Father’s Day

As in many countries around the world, Father’s Day is an occasion for children to spoil their fathers. Young children make personalised cards and crafts at school for their father’s special day. Popular gifts include ties, cufflinks, slippers, aftershave, and gadgets.

How People in Ireland Mark the Occasion

Father’s Day is celebrated with much enthusiasm on the Emerald Isle. Many Irish fathers awake to breakfast in bed, prepared lovingly by their children. Father’s Day is seen as a family day. Children who have already flown the nest often return to their family home to visit their dads on their special day.

Many families mark the occasion by gathering together to share a traditional Sunday roast at home. Others eat out, with many restaurants and pubs hosting events and launching special offers for the day. Whatever way families may choose to celebrate, it is generally agreed that fathers take a break on this day from their day-to-day chores and obligations. Children and partners help fathers around the house, ensuring they are made to feel special.

Irish people are known for their work ethic and commitment to providing for their loved ones. From this perspective, having a day to honour and simply say ‘Thank You!’ to father figures across the country is a wonderful thing.

We’d like to dedicate this article to all of the super hardworking dads and father figures in every county in Ireland, we appreciate you and value everything you do!

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