Ireland's Fascination with Coffee Culture

Written by Ryan Grace on 09/11/2022

Traditionally when people think of Ireland’s drinking habits their mind immediately goes to either a good cup of tea, or something a little bit stronger! But what if I told you that a whopping 62% of the Irish population enjoy a hot cup of coffee on a daily basis, and that 63% of those people enjoy at least two cups per day!

Coffee culture has exploded in recent years across Ireland. Not only have cafes become a staple of city life, but you’ll also find that the amount of chain and independently owned coffee shops in Ireland’s towns and villages has grown exponentially.

Coffee is seen across the world as essential, and for some a daily dose of caffeine is a non-negotiable when going about your working day. In this article we are going to explore how Irish people’s relationship, dependence, and access to caffeine has changed over the years.

From Instant to Insane

In decades gone by big coffee chains such as Starbucks and Costa would have been more of a rarity. A trip to a coffee shop would have been a treat or a celebration rather than a daily occurrence. Frequent coffee enjoyers relied on store-bought instant coffee like Nescafé and Maxwell House for their fix of the good stuff. Anyone who grew up in Ireland in recent decades will likely know the protruding scent of Maxwell House all too well!

In 2022, the landscape of enjoying coffee could not be more different. Irish consumers now have their pick of the bunch when it comes to coffee culture, with all the major players making a serious profit in towns and cities alike.

Coffee drinkers are now spoilt for choice when it comes to different blends, various milks, sizes, and syrups etc. If you can dream it, there’s likely a coffee that’ll make that dream come true within walking distance.

A Brew Reflection

The numbers back up Ireland’s growing obsession with coffee too! Recent studies show that people are more than willing to spend anywhere north of €3.08 on a great cup of coffee, up 21 per cent since 2013. Furthermore, almost one in ten would part with a fiver note to get their daily dose of caffeine goodness.

The overarching feeling from academics and tend surveyors is that these numbers show no signs of slowing down. University College Cork regularly do studies on the eating and drinking habits of the Irish public and consistently find that the coffee market is set to grow year and year for the foreseeable future.

So, whether you’re racing down the street on your way to the office, meeting a friend or relative for a relaxing chit-chat, or out exercising with the family dog, be thankful that a decent cup of coffee is never too far away – if you’re willing to pay the right price!

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