Complete Any Outfit With These 10 Rings

Written by Linda Rafferty on 27/06/2024

Complete Any Outfit With These 10 Rings

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Let’s face it; where would we be without jewelry? All our ensembles would be unforgivably incomplete and we wouldn’t know how to dress up an outfit without the need for sequins. On those days when you stand in front of your mirror, studying your whole look, and wondering “what’s missing?”, jewelry has got your back. Whether it’s your favorite bracelet, your go-to statement necklace, or your signature ring, there’s no better way to bind your whole look together than with a piece of jewelry. Rings stay at the top of the list when it comes to ways to sparkle up any ensemble. They’re classy and versatile without being too over-the-top, as a diamond necklace can sometimes be. If you’ve been looking to expand your ring collection in a way that favors all the outfits in your closet, you’re at the right place. We’ve curated a collection of the top 10 rings from Irish Jewelry Craft that’ll complete any outfit you plan to wear. Read on!

#1 10k Yellow Gold Emerald & Diamond Claddagh Seal Ring:

First and foremost, this ring is the one for those that prefer to stand out in a crowd. This gorgeous claddagh seal ring is a perfect way to represent Irish culture with class and sophistication. The deep maroon of the seal complements the sparkling brilliant-cut diamonds perfectly. The two round-cut emeralds on each side are set in pure 10k yellow gold and finish the look perfectly.

#2 Yellow Gold Heart Diamond Claddagh Engagement Ring Set:

If you’re looking for something a little fancier, however, look no further. This pure yellow gold set is a sparkling masterpiece. The statement ring features a diamond heart and crown and is accompanied by a simpler diamond band. The simple glamour of it is what makes it the perfect candidate to bind an outfit together with class and elegance. This set is also perfect to share with a significant other or a loved one.

#3 Yellow & White Gold Diamond 2 Part Claddagh Ring:

This simplistic yellow and white gold band is perfect for both men and women. The design is straightforward yet unique in its way, as the diamond serves as the main attraction in a non-traditional way. The yellow and white gold compliment each other perfectly and become the ideal everyday ring. This type of two-part ring is simple enough to work with any outfit while still catching the right attention.

#4 White Heartshape Emerald & Diamond Shamrock Ring:

If you’re looking for a little luck (pun intended) in your everyday outfits, there’s no better solution than this pure white gold shamrock ring. The emerald clover is set in pure white gold and complemented by a strip of brilliant cut diamonds to sparkle up the piece. The delicate and floral nature of this ring makes it fitting for all types of outfits.

#5 3 Stone Yellow Gold Diamond Claddagh Ring:

This next ring on our list is the dream pick for those that fancy antique or vintage designs in their jewelry. This pure yellow gold ring has an intricate design with delicate carvings all over it. Throughout this masterpiece, you’ll see small round-cut diamonds and yellow gold hearts, resulting in a chic everyday ring that’ll complement every outfit.

#6 3 Stone Yellow Gold Diamond Claddagh Wide Ring:

It’s no secret that wide rings flatter any hand much more than normal rings, which is why this piece is a must-have in your collection. The netted design is trendy while the 3 brilliant cut diamonds add a classic and timeless touch to the ring. The yellow gold is the perfect setting for this type of ring, but depending on your preference, you can only get this piece in white gold.

#7 Yellow Gold Sapphire & Diamond Claddagh Wedding Ring:

This ring is simply beautiful and traditional, which is exactly how it made its way into this list. The design of the pure yellow gold band is classic and affixed with a set of small, brilliant-cut diamonds and sapphires. The deep blue of the sapphires complements the sparkling white of the diamonds and makes for the perfect everyday ring that would top any outfit off with a touch of elegance. Claddagh Wedding Ring

#8 White Gold Diamond Claddagh Wedding Ring:

If yellow gold isn’t your preference, then this white gold ring is the ideal, cool-toned version of the previous ring for you. The all-diamond setting and bright white gold create a sparkling piece that’ll easily become one of your favorite staples in your jewelry collection. It’s no secret that white goes with everything, so you don’t have to worry about this ring not completing your outfits.

#9 White Gold 3 Stone Emerald Claddagh Ring:

At first glance, this pure white gold ring looks simple and elegant. However, at a closer look, you can see the immense detail that will leave you in awe of the talent at Irish Jewelry Craft. Aside from the intricate handwork, the 3 round-cut emeralds serve as the statement of the piece. See Our Emerald Claddagh Ring with Diamond Here.

#10 Yellow Gold Diamond Claddagh Wedding Ring:

Last but not least, there’s no better way to complete any outfit with this absolute classic. The combination of yellow with brilliant-cut diamonds will never go out of style and always works with every outfit. The design is simple but eye-catching and the diamonds top it all off with the perfect amount of sparkle and glamour without being too over-the-top.

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Now that you know which rings are going to serve as staples in your jewelry collection, you can start shopping. It’s important to have versatile pieces of jewelry in your collection so that you’re never at a loss with any outfit, no matter how bold or simple it is. So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Irish Jewelry Craft, peruse their endless high-end jewelry collections, and take your picks to upgrade your collection instantly. Irish Jewelry Craft is an online shop that offers timelessly beautiful jewelry which is not only high-quality and authentic but also handcrafted and culturally rich. Happy shopping!

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