Irish Jewellery Pieces To Upgrade Your Outfit

Written by Linda Rafferty on 27/06/2024

Irish Jewellery Pieces To Upgrade Your Outfit

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Who doesn’t like to look stylish yet sophisticated in their comfort zone? One of the easiest ways is to represent yourself with the touch of jewelry pieces added up to your outfit. Choosing the right Jewellery piece along with the right outfit might be hectic but hey! That’s what we’re here for. Upgrade yourself with the right choice of Jewellery items.

#1 Trinity Knot Celtic Brooch:

The trinity knot brooch is the kind of piece of Jewellery that can be matched with any outfit. Its perfect height and width of 3.5mm can be adjusted onto the top of your chest. Its decent look of the trinity can help outstand a person into more of a dignified person. The name itself holds such elegance that even one look at it will turn many necks for a second glance.

#2 Diamond Claddagh Pendant On Chain:

The 14k white gold diamond as a Claddagh Pendant for a necklace is no doubt a piece of art. Its 2cm height and 1.1 cm width can look modish on any neck in the world. Pairing it up with an evening party dress will have it radiating its shine. It can also be paired with a wedding dress if it’s put in place neatly. No wonder they call diamond a woman’s best friend since it never fails to make the woman smile.

#3 Gold Heart Shape Ruby & Diamond Claddagh:

This yellow gold heart shape ruby paired with diamond Claddagh is an engagement ring. The 0.8-carat diamond and 0.65-carat ruby in this ring can be the best way to get engaged with. You can also use it to propose to your other half and get engaged. It is also the perfect way to showcase you as a committed person by wearing it anywhere you like. A sign of loyalty and devotion can also be signified by it if worn everywhere.

#4 Emerald & Diamond Shamrock Key Pendant:

The white gold is indeed fascinating to look at because of its gleaming beauty. The white gold emerald of about 0.5 carats and 0.20-carat diamonds has been embraced inside this pendant. The Shamrock key can easily be the stylish pendant to ever exist because of its flexibility. This pendant can be paired with any outfit and will still shine bright like a star on anyone’s neck. No matter where you wear it, it will still help you stand out from the crowd.

#5 Celtic Knot Ring:

Rings are the easiest Jewellery items to wear but while working in an office, they might not be of much help. This ring that contains 0.30-carat gold diamond is precious that one should take care of. It has been neatly cut and polished into this magnificent work of art for you to wear at luxurious events. Put it together with a dress not so formal and preen yourself up. Add a touch of feminity to your look by wearing it to a kitty party.

#6 Heart Shape Emerald & Diamond Claddagh Necklace:

The emerald of about 0.55 carats and diamond of about 0.66 carats has been used to create this masterpiece. The heart inside the pendant is what makes the pendant special, holding the meaning of compassion. The pendant is refined and represents love, making it easier to wear it on any occasion to any place. The crown on the heart represents one’s control to that compassion, distinguishing the person as a matured individual.

#7 Shamrock In Circle Pendant:

The 18k white gold inherited in it did not go to waste as it looks perfectly majestic. The pendant was made in Ireland with 0.56 carats of emerald and 0.50 carats of diamond. The white gold chain hangs comfortably around your skin, allowing you to move around without itchiness. To get the best out of the pendant, you can link it up with a formal dress. Either you’re going to the office or attending an event, the pendant won’t fail to upgrade your beauty.

#8 Celtic Drop Earrings:

The earrings are a key to achieve the perfect feminine look. The 0.20 carats of emerald and 0.05 carats of diamond make them extremely shiny. These earrings will go best with a defined look of long party dresses for a sumptuous event. The earring is shaped according to the raindrop earrings but with more details and glitter. If you want to look as splendid as possible then opt into wearing these earrings over your outfit. Give yourself a whole new look with these 14k yellow gold emerald and diamond Celtic drop earrings.

#9 White Diamond Celtic Knot Ring:

The stylish brooches have been all over the world lately. This 10k yellow gold Claddagh brooch represents love and wisdom. The hands holding the crowned heart are enough to speak for the meaning it holds. Opt-in with wearing it over your formal outfit and speak up for love and wisdom. The brooch is the perfect pair to go with when you can’t decide on any other Jewellery item to go with. It also helps when you want to personify yourself as a rational person.

#10 Shamrock Drop Earrings:

The yellow gold emerald and diamond shamrock drop earrings symbolize the trinity. Total weight of 0.26 carats of emerald and 0.08 carats of diamond has been used in the crafting of the earring. The earring itself holds the meaning of luck. Because of its flexibility, it can also go along with any kind of outfit. Doesn’t matter what occasion or what place you’re going to, these earrings never seem to lose their sparkle.

Choose your favorite piece of Jewellery ad glam yourself up in the stylish way possible. The Irish Jewellery is no doubt the stylish and trendiest compared to any other. Their designs and meanings behind them are what helps them to stand out from the crowd. Why waste a second more when you can look as glamorous as possible with the help of the right Jewellery items? Get your favorite customized Jewellery at Irish Jewelry Craft and worry less about looking good.

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