10 Jewelry Pieces You Can Add To Your Office Outfit

Written by Linda Rafferty on 31/05/2024

10 Jewelry Pieces You Can Add To Your Office Outfit

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There’s no denying that every great outfit would be truly incomplete without the right jewelry, even at work. To look professional and put together, you must finish your ensemble with a touch of elegant but not extravagant jewelry. On those days where you just can’t figure out to make your work outfits look more professional, remember that it can always be illuminated by adding a little jewelry to increase the charm. The added detail is a great way to show that you put effort into your look when you walk into a respectable workspace. We’ve put together a list of the ten classiest jewelry items for you to pick from when you want to elevate your work looks. From rings and bracelets to brooches and necklaces, there’s a piece of jewelry for every kind of professional woman at Irish Jewelry Craft.

#1 White Gold Heart-shape Sapphire & Diamond Shamrock Ring:

White Gold Sapphire Shamrock Ring

The simplicity of this cool-stoned ring is what keeps it at the top of the list. It is made with 14 karats pure white gold with three precious blue sapphires in the middle while the sides are packed with brilliant-cut diamonds. There’s no way you can go wrong with the classy combination of sapphires and diamonds to add extra sophistication to your look. Irish Jewelry Craft also offers this alluring ring in 14 karats pure yellow gold and platinum.

#2 Yellow & White Gold Diamond 2 Part Claddagh Ring:

Two Tone Gold 2 Part Diamond Claddagh Ring

Next on our list is this unisex ring that appeals to the professional woman who isn’t looking for a feminine design. This precious and classic ring is two-part and made with 10 karats pure white and yellow gold with a brilliant-cut diamond in the center. The classic combination of yellow and white gold sets this piece apart from the others on this list. If you’re someone who’s looking for a daily-wear, timeless ring to adorn your look, this is your dream pick.

#3 White Gold Diamond Celtic Knot Ring:

Ladies Celtic Knot Diamond Ring in White Gold

If you want to stand out when you’re at the office, this ring is the perfect pick for you. What makes this ring so unique is that it’s a Celtic knot ring that showcases the traditional Irish design and style. Not only is it made with 14 karat pure white gold and radiant diamonds affixed, but it’s also available in yellow gold.

#4 White Gold Emerald & Diamond Shamrock In Circle Pendant:

White Gold Shamrock In Circle Pendant Set with Emeralds and Diamonds

Moving on from rings, this circle pendant is one of the most attractive pieces on the Irish Jewelry Craft website. The precious heart-shaped emeralds will keep you lucky while being surrounded by brilliant-cut diamonds and set in a 14-karat pure white gold pendant. This gorgeous pendant comes with an 18-inch 14-karat white gold chain. It’s the best option for the professional woman that’s looking for her lucky charm.

#5 Yellow Gold Emerald & Diamond Shamrock Key Pendant:

Gold Irish Shamrock Key Pendant With Emerald And Diamonds

Here’s another unique jewelry find from the website. This key-shaped pendant is made with 14-karats pure yellow gold, adorned with a collection of gorgeous brilliant-cut diamonds, and in the middle is a detailed emerald which increases the charm of the pendant. It comes with an 18-inch 14-karat yellow gold chain and is also available to purchase in white gold.

#6 White Gold Heart Emerald & Diamond Claddagh Necklace:

Heartshape Emerald Claddagh Necklace

Next on our list is this diamond necklace made with 14 karats of pure yellow gold. In the middle is affixed a timeless emerald heart which is crowned with tiny detailed, brilliant-cut diamonds, giving the necklace a royal and feminine appeal. It comes with an 18-inch 14-karat pure gold chain and is an ideal pick for those that want to add regal class to their office outfit.

#7 White Gold 3 Stone Diamond Shamrock Stud Earrings:

Diamond Shamrock Stud Earrings In 14K White Gold

If you’ve been looking for something small but meaningful in this list, you’re at the right place. These classy studs are made in 14 karats pure white gold with three precious brilliant-cut diamonds beautifully affixed. The clover shape makes them perfect for wearing on St. Patrick’s Day.

#8 Yellow Gold Emerald & Diamond Shamrock Earrings:

Shamrock Drop Earrings In Yellow Gold With Emerald And Diamonds

These earrings are made in 10 karats pure yellow gold with several tiny brilliant-cut diamonds and a sparkling emerald at the end. The versatility of these beautiful diamond earrings is what makes them special. Not only are they the perfect office accessory, but they also are the ideal way to sparkle up any formal outfit. The cool tone of the diamonds complements the warmth of the yellow gold while the emerald serves as the statement of the piece.

#9 Yellow Gold Emerald & Diamond Stamped Tara Brooch:

Emerald And Brilliant Cut Diamond Stamped Tara Brooch

There’s no way to go wrong with a classy brooch to top off an office look professional and this gold brooch from Irish Jewelry Craft is the ideal candidate. It is made with 14 karats pure yellow gold and adorned with detailed, brilliant-cut diamonds with two emeralds. The design is truly unique and one-of-a-kind, especially for those that like antique styles.

#10 White Gold Emerald Trinity Knot Celtic Brooch:

White Gold Emerald Trinity Knot Brooch

Here’s another classy brooch for those that are looking to add a sparkle to their office outfit. This trinity knot is made from 14 karats of pure white gold with three precious round-cut emeralds. If you’re looking to level up the elegance in your work ensembles, go for this piece.

Now that you know how to dress up your office looks, you can head on over to Irish Jewelry Craft to make your purchase. We are an Ireland-based jewelry shop that handcrafts all its jewelry with undoubted precision and intricacy. You can find a versatile collection of rings, necklaces, pendants, brooches, and earrings in pure yellow gold or white gold on their website. Plus, you can also make an appointment with an assistant at Irish Jewelry Craft to determine the perfect size and setting for your jewelry. With their 30-day refund policy and 1-year warranty, you can count on them to give you the best shopping experience and high-quality products with quick delivery.

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