10 Rings For Any Occasion

Written by Linda Rafferty on 05/06/2024

10 Rings For Any Occasion

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Whether it's a wedding, dinner, party, business event, or even a casual outing, adding jewelry to your ensemble is important. The right jewelry does the job of binding your look together with a touch of elegance and class. Some jewelry pieces are, although beautiful, just not fitting for every occasion. Yes, you must have a statement diamond necklace in your collection, but you can't wear it to a Sunday brunch. The best part about rings is that you don't have to think much about the occasion while stacking them on. We've made a list of 10 exclusive rings that will make it easier for you to choose the ring of your liking. Here, you will discover the best ways to accessorize your outfit on any occasion.

#1 Yellow Gold Diamond Celtic Solitaire Ring:

Gold Celtic Ring With Solitaire Diamond

This exquisite diamond ring is one of the most timeless pieces on this list. It is forged from hallmarked 14-karat yellow gold and features a radiant brilliant-cut diamond as the main attraction. It is well known that you can't go wrong with a solitaire diamond ring, no matter the occasion. The warmth of the yellow complements the cool, sparkling diamond artfully. However, if you're looking for a more cool-toned piece, this ring is also available in white gold. 

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#2 Yellow and White Gold Diamond And Emerald Celtic Knot Ring:

Gold Celtic Knot Ring With Diamond And Emeralds

Another undoubtedly beautiful find from the website is this Celtic knot ring. It is handcrafted in 14-karat yellow and white gold and displays a central brilliant-cut diamond. Two vibrant green emerald gemstones complement the diamond beautifully. The lustrous yellow gold accentuates the rich green emeralds, and the glistening central diamond sits gloriously in a polished white gold setting. The knotted pattern throughout the ring is what makes it so elegant and ideal for any occasion. 

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#3 White Gold Celtic Knot Ring With Green Colored Diamonds:

White Gold Celtic Knot Ring With Diamonds

Next on our list is this precious knot ring packed with beautiful gems. It is handmade with 14 karats of pure white gold, detailed green emeralds, and brilliant-cut diamonds. The combination of emeralds with white gold and diamonds epitomizes regal sophistication. This ring's natural beauty and classic elegance make it perfect for any occasion. This gorgeous piece is also available in yellow gold for a warmer look.

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#4 Yellow Gold Diamond Celtic Knot Ring:

Gold Celtic Knot Ring With Double Row Diamonds

This gorgeous knot ring is a more glamorous twist to the last one. It is handcrafted from 14-karat yellow gold packed with shimmering brilliant-cut diamonds. Two rows of genuine diamonds frame the iconic knot pattern. This delicate and sophisticated detail is the perfect cherry-on-top for any outfit and will catch eyes on any occasion.

#5 Yellow Gold Irish Claddagh Ring With Heartshaped Teal Sapphire And Diamonds:

Gold Claddagh Ring With Heartshaped Teal Sapphire And Diamonds

If you are looking for a unique and eye-catching ring, this is the one for you. Made exclusively in 14-karat yellow gold, it has a precious green emerald heart affixed in the center and detailed brilliant cut diamonds on each side and on the crown. This precious diamond-packed ring is perfect for any special occasion that requires a bit of regal glamor. Luckily, you can also get this ring in 18-karat gold or platinum.

#6 Split Heart Sapphire And Diamond Claddagh Ring In White Gold:

Split Heart Sapphire And Diamond Claddagh Ring

There's no way you can go wrong with a classic white gold ring, and this cool-toned piece is the perfect example. This heartfelt ring is made with 14-karat pure white gold with precious blue Sapphires shaped in a split-heart and crowned beautifully. The detailed diamonds are affixed on the crown as well as on the cuffs of the hands. This masterpiece is a great way to make a statement on any occasion without being too over-the-top. 

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#7 White Gold Single Diamond Claddagh Ring:

White Gold Single Stone Diamond Claddagh Ring

This elegant, single-stoned ring is just the kind of classic staple piece that everyone should have in their collection. It is crafted in 14-karat pure white gold with a statement diamond in the center. It is also available in yellow gold, depending on your taste, the outfit, or the occasion. This ring's feminine and simplistic nature makes it the ideal candidate to dress up your look for any occasion.

#8 White Gold Diamond 2 Part Claddagh Ring:

White Gold Diamond Claddagh Two Part Ring

Next on our list is a timeless and stylish white gold ring set. This classy piece is two-part, handcrafted in hallmarked 10-karat white gold and tastefully set with a central brilliant-cut diamond. This ring is perfect for someone who loves their jewelry to be simple, straightforward, and not over-the-top. Plus, this also serves as the perfect wedding band for those planning to pop the question.

#9 White Gold Heart-shaped Sapphire And Diamond Shamrock Ring:

Heartshape Sapphire And Diamond Shamrock Ring In White Gold

Here's another timeless piece you won't regret adding to your collection. Expertly handcrafted in 14-karat white gold, it showcases three shimmering blue heart-shaped Sapphire gemstones in the center. The ring band is embellished with sparkling brilliant-cut diamonds. The Sapphire clover, bordered with genuine diamonds, gives the ring a feminine and delicate beauty that works for any occasion.

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#10 White Gold Diamond Claddagh Wide-Band Ring:

White Gold 3 Stone Diamond Claddagh Wide Ring

Last but not least, this wide net ring is the most sought-after on our list. It is beautifully forged in 14-karat white gold and inlaid with three brilliant-cut diamonds. This ring complements your hand perfectly due to its width, and the netted design makes it even more appealing. Irish Jewelry Craft also offers a warmer version of this artful piece in yellow gold.

Rings are the perfect way to sparkle up any look for any occasion without overdoing it. With the coming of the ring-stacking trend, you should have a wider collection of rings to dress up for any occasion now. Irish Jewelry Craft is your one-stop shop for times like these; they have a versatile and beautiful range of both staples and statement pieces. Now that you know precisely which jewelry piece to pick from Irish Jewelry Craft on any occasion, you can head over to Irish Jewelry Craft to make your purchase.

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