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Celtic Jewelry

Stunning Handmade Gold Jewelry Featuring Traditional Celtic Designs

Celtic Jewelry showcases traditional designs and styles, which have become synonymous with Ireland. The unique features, shapes and patterns of this style of Jewelry distinguishes them from others, and date back thousands of years. Celtic concepts emerged in Ireland during the 4th and 5th centuries, and early pieces have inspired jewelry-making ever since. Adding a Celtic accessory is an excellent way to make any outfit unique, to show off your individual taste and to celebrate your Irish heritage and roots. If you are interested in Celtic-style jewelry, or you are on the lookout for a particular type of Celtic Pendant, Necklace, Earrings or Brooch, we have a fabulous collection on offer.

At Irish Jewelry Craft, we specialize in traditional Celtic jewelry, steeped in history and symbolism. We work with quality materials including Yellow Gold, White Gold, sparkling Diamonds and precious gemstones. Our exquisite collection features stunning Pendants and Necklaces, to intricate brooches and earrings. Our range of Celtic Jewellery celebrates ancient Celtic beliefs and traditions, at the same time as adding a modern twist. Browse our selection to find a piece that you Love!

Authentic Celtic Pendants Embellished with Dazzling Diamonds and Exquisite Gemstones

If you are looking for a high quality, eye-catching Gold Celtic Necklace, take a moment to browse our exquisite collection. We offer traditional Celtic Cross Necklaces as well as eye-catching Tree of Life Necklaces.

The Celtic Cross is one of the most symbolic and popular Celtic jewelry designs. For those of Irish ancestry, or just in love with the Celtic culture and charm, there is no symbol more iconic than the Celtic Cross. It combines the ancient wisdom of the old Celtic ways with the famous Christian Cross. It is characterized by its unique shape, with a ring surrounding the four arms of the cross. The shape of the cross, with its distinctive orb, symbolizes unity, inclusion, wholeness and totality. It has inspired many pieces of Jewelry, and we are thrilled to offer an incredible array of stunning Celtic Cross Pendant Necklaces. All of our Pendants and Necklaces have been designed with a meticulous eye for detail. Our collection of Necklaces and Pendants feature traditional yellow gold Celtic Crosses adorned with Diamonds, Emeralds and Rubies.

The traditional Celtic Tree of Life Pendant, also known as ‘Crann Bethadh’ in Irish, has grown in popularity in recent years. It is a symbol of Celtic Identity, and a touchstone for those with Irish roots. This stunning and intricate Necklace is full of meaning, and represents growth, rebirth and eternal life. It was viewed by the Celts as a balance of harmony in nature, with many believing that this sacred Celtic Tree posessed magical powers. Our Tree of Life Pendant has been carefully handcrafted from quality 14K yellow gold, and is embellished with brilliant cut Diamonds and Emerald stones.

Handcrafted Yellow Gold Brooches Featuring Intricate Celtic Knotwork

Celtic brooches, also known as penannular brooches, are a popular type of Celtic clothes accessory associated with Ireland's ancient culture and heritage. These Brooches showcase traditional Celtic knotwork in their designs and patterns, and can be worn as style statements by both ladies and gents. There is a variety of different Celtic brooch designs available, such as the iconic Tara Brooch and the popular Celtic Trinity Knot (or Triquetra) Brooch. The Trinity Knot is made up of a continuous pattern of never-ending, intricate Celtic knots, with no beginning and no end. The unbroken knotwork of the Trinity Knot symbolizes eternal life and infinite love. The Tara Brooch is elaborately decorated with an interlace of Celtic spirals and patterns.

Our collection of Brooches and Pins are inspired by Ireland's Celtic history, and are suitable for both women and men. We have an array of stylish and unique brooches featuring intricate knotwork, expertly crafted from quality yellow gold and white gold. Our eye-catching brooches and pins can be interlaced with dazzling diamonds or precious Emerald stones. Whether you are on the look-out for a special gift with Celtic symbolizm for a loved one, or you are searching for a stand-out piece for your own jewellery box, we are confident that you will fall in love with our unique collection of authentic Celtic Pins and Brooches.

Traditional Celtic Knot Earrings featuring High Quality Emeralds

Originating from county Galway, Celtic earrings are a very popular and beautiful choice of jewelry. Our stunning Celtic knot drop earrings feature glistening emeralds. Celtic earrings, whether they be stud earrings or drop, are easy to recognise because of their intricate spiral designs.

All our Celtic Jewelry is handmade in Dublin by our talented jewelers with quintessential Irish pride. Each stunning piece is hallmarked by the Dublin Assay Office for true authenticity. You can purchase directly from our website, and we provide free shipping for all our Jewelry. Whether you are considering a beautiful piece of Celtic Jewelry for yourself, or as a gift for someone special, we are confident we can help you find the perfect piece. We stock everyday pieces, as well as Jewelry that is ideal for celebrations, special occasions and milestones. Why not browse our collection today!

Our range of Celtic Jewelry invokes the spirit of the Emerald Isle. Carry your Irish pride with you wherever you go with these stunning pieces of Celtic Jewelry.