Claddagh Necklace Q & A’s

Written by Linda Rafferty on 27/06/2024

Claddagh Necklace Q & A’s

What is a Claddagh Necklace?

Claddagh necklaces or pendants are a creative take on the well-known Claddagh rings. As with the ring, it is a distinctive part of Irish heritage and is a symbol for friendship, loyalty, and love. The design of a Claddagh necklace typically consists of an outward-facing heart shape, with two hands clasped from above the heart, and topped by a crown.

The Claddagh design is credited to a 17th-century Irish goldsmith named Richard Joyce. He designed what was to become known as the Claddagh ring after being enslaved by Algerians en-route to the West Indies. When he was eventually freed, he returned to Galway and created the Claddagh Ring.

How to wear a claddagh necklace?

Claddagh Necklace Q & A’s

When it comes to a Claddagh ring, there is a symbolic meaning depending on which hand or finger you wear it. But, you can wear a Claddagh pendant in much the same way as you would any other necklace.

As well as representing friendship, loyalty, and love, a Claddagh necklace from Ireland is also a very popular fashion accessory these days. With that in mind, one can wear a Claddagh pendant with virtually any outfit. Before putting on a Claddagh pendant, it is important to check that the chain is of the correct diameter for your neck.

Where can You buy a Claddagh Necklace?

Claddagh Necklace Q & A’s

There are many sources of Claddagh pendants, both online and in conventional jewelry shops. But, when you buy a Claddagh pendant from Irish Jewelry Craft, you can rest assured knowing you have purchased an authentic and expertly-crafted piece of jewelry.

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