Where to Buy a Claddagh Ring?

Written by Linda Rafferty on 27/06/2024

Where to Buy a Claddagh Ring?

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If you are looking for an Irish Claddagh ring, it is essential to buy your ring from a trusted retailer based in Ireland, that sells genuine, authentic Claddagh jewelry. Here at Irish Jewelry Craft, we are privileged to offer a stunning collection of authentic, hand-crafted Claddagh rings for both ladies and gents, in many different Claddagh designs. We handcraft exquisite yellow gold and white gold Claddagh rings, as well as stunning Claddagh engagement ring and wedding ring sets. We also offer a range of luxurious Claddagh rings which include diamonds, birthstones and other precious gemstones such as emeralds, sapphires and rubies. Our Claddagh collection is very popular, and is a staple Irish accessory to have!

Originating from county Galway, Ireland, the iconic Claddagh design is made up of two hands clasping a heart, topped with a crown. This design is a symbol of love, loyalty and friendship. To understand more about the meaning and history of the Claddagh ring, read our guide entitled 'Claddagh Ring Meaning'.

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Where to Buy a Claddagh Ring?

Irish Jewelry Craft was established in Dublin in 1947, and since then we have become leading experts in Irish rings. At Irish Jewelry Craft, we offer one of the best online authentic Claddagh collections available, and we are always adding new designs to our Jewelry range. Our talented jewellers specialize in handcrafting these meaningful Irish rings, and each of our rings is made with quintessential Irish pride. To check whether a ring is authentic, you should look for an Irish hallmark on the ring. All our jewellery is tested and hallmarked at the Dublin Assay Office in Dublin castle, so you can be certain that your Claddagh ring is authentic and genuine.

Whether as a gift to yourself, as a reminder of a trip to Ireland, as a ladies Claddagh engagement ring, wedding ring, promise ring, or as a gift of love, friendship and loyalty, we have the perfect Claddagh ring for you. Read our blog entitled ‘Claddagh Ring Designs’ to learn more about the different styles and designs of Claddagh rings available. Shop from our range of Irish Claddagh jewelry and choose one of our stunning Claddagh ring designs. If you have something specific in mind, our goldsmiths can offer custom designs, so you can get something unique for yourself or as a gift for someone special. We also offer free bespoke inscriptions or engraving, to add a personal touch to your ring. We provide free shipping for all our Jewelry, and you can view our full collection of luxury Gold Claddagh Jewelry on our website.

When you purchase a Claddagh ring from Irish Jewelry Craft, you can rest assured knowing that you have invested in an authentic piece of quality Claddagh Jewelry from Ireland.

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