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Claddagh Wedding Rings

Handcrafted Irish Claddagh Wedding Rings - Symbols of Love, Loyalty and Friendship

Are you of Irish heritage and looking for the perfect wedding rings for yourself and your soul-mate for your wedding? Why not consider a handcrafted Irish Claddagh ring? The Claddagh ring , also known as the heart ring, has a long history of being worn as an Irish wedding ring, and they are perfect for both ladies and gents. If you are looking for a wedding band with a connection to Irish culture and tradition, then the Claddagh is a wonderful choice. These unique rings, which originated in Galway, Ireland in the 17th century, are one of the greatest and most romantic pieces of Irish heritage. The iconic Claddagh design is comprised of 3 elements - a central heart symbolizing love, two hands clasping the heart representing friendship, and an intricate crown as a symbol of loyalty.

Luxury, High Quality Claddagh Wedding Rings from Ireland

At Irish Jewelry Craft, we offer a variety of designs of luxury Claddagh Wedding Rings and Claddagh Wedding Bands. Our Claddagh rings are handcrafted in Ireland, and hallmarked at the Dublin Assay Office, to guarantee their authenticity and quality. Using traditional Claddagh design combined with brilliant craftsmanship, our genuine Claddagh weddings bands are crafted using the highest quality precious metals and gemstones.

We have a stunning range of 14 Karat yellow gold and 14 Karat white gold Claddagh wedding rings and bands for you to choose from. Our Claddagh rings can incorporate almost any gemstone, such as diamond, emerald or sapphire. Your wedding ring can even bear your birthstone, creating a Birthstone Claddagh ring. Some of our Claddagh wedding bands feature intricate Claddagh designs on the band, whilst others are encrusted with precious stones. Whether you want a Yellow Gold Claddagh adorned with emeralds, a solitaire Diamond Claddagh Ring or an alternative style of Irish wedding band, we are bound to have something to suit your personal preference. We offer free shipping for all our Jewellery, and free engraving, to add a personal touch. VIEW DETAILS of our exquisite Claddagh Jewelry collection on our website.

In addition to our collection of one-of-a-kind Claddagh wedding rings, we also offer a range of ladies Claddagh engagement ring and wedding ring sets, with matching engagement ring and wedding band included. These can be viewed on our website.

Genuine Claddagh Wedding Rings for Ladies and Gents

Whilst the symbolic Claddagh ring is often worn as a wedding band in Ireland, the stunning design and special meaning of the Claddagh symbol have made this Irish wedding ring a popular choice for ladies and gents worldwide, by those of Irish heritage and beyond. There are many ways to wear a Claddagh ring. Wearing your Claddagh wedding band on your ring finger of your left hand, with the heart facing inwards, shows that you are married. Although both mens and ladies Claddagh wedding bands feature the same design, the bands designed for ladies are typically smaller and more delicate than mens Claddagh wedding bands.

Claddagh wedding rings from Ireland are the ultimate symbol of love, loyalty and friendship, making beautiful and meaningful wedding bands for your wedding day. With all of the romantic symbolism behind this traditional piece of Jewelry, the Irish Claddagh really is the ultimate wedding ring. Browse our authentic Claddagh collection on our website to find the perfect Irish wedding band for yourself and your partner.