Choosing the Perfect Celtic Wedding Ring

Written by Linda Rafferty on 31/05/2024

Choosing the Perfect Celtic Wedding Ring

How do you choose the perfect wedding ring for your wedding? Everyone’s taste is unique, but a handcrafted Celtic Wedding Ring from Ireland is a style with wide appeal. Suitable for both ladies and gents, you can opt for a custom-made, one-of-a-kind Celtic knot design, the iconic trinity knot, or even consider a set of matching wedding rings for you and your soulmate.

When considering your choice of Celtic knot wedding ring, you will need to think about the following details:

  • Metal - Yellow gold, white gold and platinum are classic and beautiful choices for Wedding bands featuring Celtic knotwork. You should consider whether the type of metal you choose for your ring is suited to your taste and lifestyle.
  • Choosing the Perfect Celtic Wedding Ring

  • Carat - The carat refers to the weight of the diamond, or the measure of the purity of the gold in your wedding band.
  • Clarity - The quality of the diamond in your wedding ring.
  • Band width - You will want to think about the width of your wedding band. A narrower wedding band can be more comfortable than a wider band. Narrower bands can offer more comfort for people with large knuckles.
  • Band thickness - If you are pairing your wedding ring with an engagement ring, it can be a good idea to try and match the thickness of the rings. The thickness of a ring also affects the durability of the ring. Generally a thicker ring will be more durable than a thinner ring.

Using an expert Irish Jeweler, with experience in handcrafted Celtic knot wedding ring designs, will help you find the right choice of ring for your taste and budget. At Irish Jewelry Craft, we offer a stunning range of authentic Celtic rings, handcrafted in Dublin, Ireland. Browse through our unique collection of yellow gold and white gold Celtic rings on our website. Whether you choose a sparkling diamond Celtic wedding ring, a yellow gold trinity knot wedding ring, or an intricate Celtic knot design incorporating an emerald, you will be making a great choice with a Celtic Wedding Band from Ireland. We offer free shipping for all our Celtic jewelry.

Choosing the Best Materials for a Celtic Wedding Band

The symbol of eternity, infinity and love, Celtic rings are steeped in Irish heritage. Whether you choose the famous Trinity Knot design or another intricate Spiral ring design for your wedding, all Celtic patterns and designs create stunning Celtic wedding bands for both ladies and gents. The design and material you pick can make a big difference in the overall look of the wedding ring. Some of the most popular Celtic materials for Wedding Rings are:

  • Gold - Both yellow gold and white gold are popular choices for Celtic wedding rings. 14 Karat white gold makes for a stunning wedding band. Some people like the style of a two-tone ring, combining both white and yellow gold.
  • Choosing the Perfect Celtic Wedding Ring

  • Diamond - Diamond Celtic wedding bands are a stylish, luxurious choice, ideal for offsetting your Celtic engagement ring, or creating a matching set. Diamonds add a little something extra to your wedding ring, and are perfect gemstones for a traditional Diamond Celtic Wedding Ring or a more delicate Diamond Celtic Knot Design. They can be interlaced into Celtic knotwork, creating a striking and intricate ring design.
  • Choosing the Perfect Celtic Wedding Ring

  • Emerald - This beautiful gemstone can be combined with other materials, such as yellow and white gold, to create a stunning wedding ring. Emeralds are a popular choice in white gold Celtic wedding rings, or as part of an intricate diamond Celtic knot design.
  • Choosing the Perfect Celtic Wedding Ring

While white gold Celtic knot rings can create a striking outcome for a gents wedding band, a diamond wedding ring is frequently preferred by ladies.

Whatever your preference, all of our handcrafted Celtic Wedding Bands at Irish Jewelry Craft are beautiful, intricate and sophisticated. Browse our unique selection of Celtic wedding bands on our website for more inspiration.

Choosing the Perfect Celtic Wedding Ring

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