10 Different Claddagh Wedding Rings To Propose To Your Soulmate In Style

Written by Linda Rafferty on 27/06/2024

10 Different Claddagh Wedding Rings To Propose To Your Lover In Style

Traditional, Stylish, And Romantic Claddagh Rings From Ireland

Your wedding is the most cherished and unforgettable day of your life. The ring you give to your partner to show your love and affection becomes the most treasured accessory in her collection. In the Celtic community, Claddagh rings hold a special place in the heart to display love between two soulmates. If you are looking for a Claddagh ring for your true love and are trying to pick the best design, we are here to help. Whether your true love likes yellow gold, white gold, diamonds, emeralds, or sapphires, our catalog has a ring to suit all tastes. Check out these ten magnificent Claddagh ring designs that you can tie the knot with.

What Is A Claddagh Wedding Ring:

A Claddagh Ring is a traditional Irish ring that consists of three elements: Hands, Heart, and Crown. The hands in the motif signify friendship, the crown represents loyalty, and the heart emanates love. The ring was first crafted in an Irish village during the 17th century and has become an iconic and romantic symbol of Irish tradition and culture.

#1 Yellow Gold Heart Sapphire & Diamond Claddagh Ring:

Gold Sapphire Claddagh RingGold Sapphire Claddagh Ring

The first piece on our list is meaningful and bold, ideal for your special moment. This gorgeous Claddagh ring is handmade from 14k yellow gold and perfectly displays your emotions with its 0.55-carat heart-shaped sapphire. The surrounding brilliant-cut diamonds, on the crown and the cuffs, raise the charm of the sapphire’s statement. This ring is also available to purchase in white gold or platinum.

#2 White Gold Heartshape Diamond Claddagh Engagement Ring:

White Gold Diamond Claddagh Ring

For a more silvery version of that look, there’s no better option than this diamond Claddagh ring. The 14k white gold band features two intricately carved hands holding a crowned 0.50-carat, heart-shaped diamond. Smaller, brilliant-cut diamond accents frame the centerpiece. The cool, white tones of this ring make it ideal for a wintertime proposal.

#3 Yellow Gold Heart Green Sapphire & Diamond Claddagh Ring:

Gold Claddagh Ring With Teal Sapphire And Diamonds

The significance of a teal sapphire in jewelry represents peace and tranquility, much like the beautiful agreement of marriage. That’s precisely why this teal sapphire Claddagh ring is another great way to sweep your partner off their feet. The vibrant shade of the 0.76-carat sapphire complements the warmth of 14k yellow gold perfectly. This luxurious ring is also available in 18k gold and platinum.

#4 Yellow Gold Ruby & Diamond Claddagh Engagement Ring Set:

Gold Ruby Claddagh Engagement Ring Set

When you pop the question, there’s nothing like a deep red ruby to display your passionate and never-ending emotions for your true love. This precious gem is said to guarantee success in love, making it the perfect pick for a heartfelt proposal. The best part about this Ruby Claddagh ring is that it comes in a set; one for the proposal and one for your wedding day. The wedding band is a classic design embellished with brilliant-cut diamonds in hallmarked 14k yellow gold.

#5 White Gold Heart Diamond Claddagh Engagement Ring Set:

White Gold Diamond Claddagh Engagement Ring Set

If you loved the previous option but are looking for something more cool-toned, we’ve got you covered. This pure 14k white gold engagement set is sure to dazzle your partner when you pop the question. Adorned with a 0.50-carat heart-shaped diamond as the main attraction and 0.06-carats of brilliant-cut diamonds as accents, this engagement ring set is the epitome of glitter and glamour. The shimmering wedding band displays 0.11 carats of radiant diamonds.

#6 Split Heart Emerald & Diamond Claddagh Ring:

Gold Split Heart Emerald Claddagh Ring

On the other hand, we’ve also got something for those going the traditional route. The hallmarked 14k yellow gold band complements the emerald gemstone perfectly. The vibrant 0.40-carat split-heart emerald adds the perfect pop of color to this eye-catching ring. Last but not least, the small, brilliant-cut diamonds bind it all together.

#7 Yellow Gold Heart Shape Sapphire & Diamond Claddagh Ring:

Gold Heartshaped Sapphire Claddagh Ring

This next ring on our list is the essence of femininity and elegance. The delicately thin band is forged from hallmarked 14k yellow gold, while the heart-shaped 0.35cts sapphire features an intricately handcrafted crown. This precious gemstone represents strength, power, and kindness, all ingredients of a healthy, long-lasting relationship you can promise to your partner on that special day. To finish the piece, each golden hand displays a single shimmering diamond.

#8 Yellow Gold Princess Cut Diamond Claddagh Ring:

Gold Diamond Claddagh Engagement Ring

For a bolder and more glamorous option, this Claddagh masterpiece should be your dream pick. The polished 14k yellow gold hands clasp a diamond-encrusted heart. The radiant heart showcases two brilliant-cut diamonds and one princess-cut diamond. The cuffs and crown are also tastefully set with sparkling diamonds.

#9 White Gold Single Stone Diamond Claddagh Ring:

White Gold Single Diamond Claddagh Ring

There’s no better pairing than the classic white gold and diamond combination, and this ring is the perfect example. The design of the 14k white gold band is traditional, feminine, and classy. The main attraction, however, is the brilliant-cut 0.10cts diamond in the center, which adds the perfect sparkle without being too over the top.

#10 Three-Stone White Gold Diamond Claddagh Wide Ring:

White Gold Diamond Wide Band Claddagh Ring

Last but not least on our list is this wide-band ring from Irish Jewelry Craft that flatters every hand. The delicate net design is framed by intricate handwork on each side. To complete the design, this 14k white gold ring features three brilliant-cut diamonds as the perfect cherry on top.

Why Shop From Irish Jewelry Craft?

Irish Jewelry Craft is an authentic Irish jewelry store that has been manufacturing traditional Celtic jewelry since 1947. We have a collection of Claddagh rings, Celtic Knot rings, and Celtic Warrior expertly crafted from premium-quality material combined with precious and semi-precious stones.

These rings tell a story of love and ancient traditions filled with loyalty and romance. Presenting your partner with a Claddagh ring at your wedding is the perfect way to express your eternal love and devotion. So, what are you waiting for? Log on to Irish Jewelry Craft and purchase your dream ring for your special da

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